Stepping out the door

Well, I’ve stepped out the door. That’s not bad for a hobbit minion.  I’m not a writer, nor a gamer, but I do want a place to store my stuff–my mathoms–tidbits of stuff found here and there that at least I find worth keeping around. Like any good hobbit, I don’t have a problem sharing & exchanging things, so here it goes. If you’ve ever started a scrapbook, journal, or such, then you know the first page takes the longest to begin cause once it’s done it’s done. There’s no telling what you’ve started will eventually turn into. It’s in that sense of uncertainty that I really don’t know where this will lead. If I actually draw attention to it by making public mention of it, know that I’ve at least made it past the front gate (though I’ve likely not closed and latched it behind me yet).  Oh, please be so kind as to watch the dog, will you? Don’t want him escaping–he tends to spook the goats.