New Year Hopes for 2017

I think I owe my mother an apology. She has said all she wants for her children are for us to be happy-a phrase I’ve always considered shallow. 

But being happy and feeling happy mean very different things. Kinda like loving bacon and loving my wife mean totally different things.

Well, mostly. Ykwim.

We’ve been surrounded by celebrity death in the news a lot lately. Losing people is sad, but I can grieve yet still be happy.

When I lose dear things or people it shakes me a moment. I remember that loss is an inevitable part of life.  In moments of loss I examine myself and ask what am I doing with the time given me? Am I living up to myself, that is, to my convictions? My feelings of happy or sad hinge on this, but either way I end up with a overwhelming sense of gratitude for what time I have had and still may have.

Tolkien knew what he was talking about. There is good work to be done. And so, in whatever times you find yourself, I want to say today that l wish you a very happy and prosperous 2017.

Brigo Halefoot is a hobbit from LotRO’s Crickhollow server who also plays The Long Dark & Landmark. He stresses frequently over which game to play. You may find also him on Twitter @Halefoot.


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